Victorian Multicultural Commission’s Regional Advisory Council

The Black Caucus is delighted to announce the appointment of a representative to the Victorian Multicultural Commission’s Regional Advisory Council.

This is an opportunity for The Black Caucus to further represent its members and the broader community on issues that are important to us all.

The Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) established eight Regional Advisory Councils across the state in 2012. The role of the Regional Advisory Councils are to:

  • Inform the Commission about issues and challenges impacting multicultural communities in their region.
  • Keep the Commission abreast on matters of multicultural affairs, settlement, access to services and citizenships issues, including equitable outcomes for multicultural communities.
  • Assist the Commission in its commitment to multicultural affairs in the local regions, including promoting the benefits of cultural, linguistic and religious diversity.
  • Identify potential pathways and opportunities for participation and connecting communities, activities and events to strengthen community capacity.

Three Regional Advisory Councils are based in Melbourne and surrounds – Eastern Metropolitan, North & West Metropolitan and Southern Metropolitan – and five are based in rural and regional Victoria – Baron South West, Hume, Loddon Mallee, Gippsland and Grampians. Each Regional Advisory Council is comprised of:

  • local community members;
  • local service providers delivering services to migrant and multicultural communities;
  • local business and community representatives; and
  • local government representatives.

If you have any issues that you wish to raise, and you would like your voice heard, contact us at The Black Caucus.

You will find us online, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Let us make ourselves heard.

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