About us

Hello, and welcome to the Black Caucus–Australia website.

The purpose of the Black Caucus is to be a voice for Black people, by Black people on all topics, both abroad and in Australia.

The Black Caucus is a not for profit organisation designed as a social commentater to speak on political issues, academic debate, and news.

The Black Caucus–Australia will not only be limited to the advance of Black people in Australia, but we will comment on how the events around the world will impact on Black people in Australia.

Black Caucus also functions as a ‘think tank’, and as such does not focus on membership, but on the editorial contributions made by our community.

Please check this BlackCaucus.com.au website for updates that may affect you.

Also please check out our Facebook page for more day to day commentary on issues that not only affect Black people directly, but all culture as a global community.

Find us at Facebook: The Black Caucus or click the link facebook.com/TheBlackCaucus

We can be found on Twitter at @BlackCaucusAus.

Join our professional network and our discussion group on LinkedIn: Black Caucus au.linkedin.com/pub/black-caucus/82/524/914/

Please follow this link for further information on the content published on all our media feeds https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Black-Caucus/298274373557612?sk=info

You can also email us at Info@BlackCaucus.com.au.

Thank you for joining us. We hope to see more of you in our conversations and debates.

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