Response to: IMF bound

The country is in decline, and the sooner we take our heads out the sand and see the country the way others see it, the sooner we can fix the issues that are holding back the development of this great nation.

We only need to read more widely to discover how we are perceived internationally, and fuelled with that knowledge we, as a country, should not only claw back to our late 60s early 70s position, but drag ourselves into 21st century standards.

Bureaucracy, corruption, poor customer service and a general lack of pride in quality of what we do, are the main factors that we can actively influence and change as citizens.

We should not wait for politicians to do the right thing, we should demand that the represent us as we have instructed.

Inviting the IMF into Barbados when we are near rock bottom will not be good for us as a nation, but maybe it will shake us awake.

Maybe it will shake out some of the practices that are not only holding our country back, but are sending the nation into decline.

We need to compare ourselves to other countries, and implement better practices to meet international standards.

Only this will make our country more competitive, and thus more lucrative.

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