Diaspora Concerns in UK

The Black Caucus has learned that there is a new Immigration act 2016 that was due to come into force in April, but was delayed for a month or two whilst the regulations supporting the act are amended.

The home office is allegedly actively deporting people from the commonwealth who have been in the UK since the 1950’s, before the public have a real understanding of the implications of this new act.

If you know people who have not regulated their status in the country irrespective of how long they have been in the UK, you are urged to do so now.

If they have a British passport which has expired urge them to renew it asap.

Many black people have not travelled for years if at all, since they originally arrived and did not renew their passport.

Many of them will now have problems as Home Office will not have them on their system and therefore will not recognise them. Due to poor record keeping systems in their originating countries the older generation will be unlikely to duplicate copy of their original documents.

There were a lot of people brought over from Caribbean as children who went to school in the UK etc. Irrespective of how long they have been in the UK, if they have not regulated their status under residency rules and they continue to hold nationality status of another country, they also will be at risk.

People will need to take action now before article 50 for Brexit commence.

To those who have taken out citizenship, or were given permanent residence, if they commit a serious offence they will be deported and their citizenship withdrawn.

From April those who overstayed their visa and found working will now be charged with a criminal offence, and it is alleged that before any landlord can rent a property they have to carry out immigration checks to make sure the person has legal status in the UK.

The decision about whether landlords will have a legal duty to report someone if they found not to have legal status is allegedly still pending.

Brexit is primarily relevant to Europe, however the overall reforms that this triggers may have serious implications for people in the UK from both commonwealth & non-commonwealth countries.

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