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VMC Premier’s Gala dinner

On Sunday 15th March, members of the Black Caucus attended the Premier’s Gala dinner, organised by the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

The event signified the beginning of the Cultural Diversity Week which runs between the 15th and 23rd of March 2014.

The dinner event was held at the Palladium at Crown, and hosted a number of different multicultural community groups, over 150 tables.

The event was well attended by colourful and diverse members of the Victorian multicultural community, and this was reflected in the music and entertainment for the evening.

The proceedings were opened by a welcome to country by Aunty Carolyn Briggs, also known as Aunty Faye, with other speeches by the some distinguished guests.

The evening was peppered with everything from a Scottish pipe band to African women’s tribal dancing, from Polynesian dancing to Italian comedians.

VMC menu

Guests were invited to have a photo opportunity with the Premier and the leader of the state opposition. Some community members were more than enthusiastic in taking advantage of the distinguished guests.

The food was superb, and the wait staff were professional, attentive and welcoming.

The evening was rounded off nicely with music from an energetic African band that fired up the dance floor and had us sweating into our tuxedos and ball gowns, making more work for the dry cleaners during the week.

A very pleasant night was had by all with carriages just before midnight.

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Turn off online tracking

Do you get the feeling you are being watched…online?

If an online commercial service is free, like online newspapers, Facebook, Twitter etc, then you are not the customer…you are the product.

Many online services make money selling who you are and where you go, to third parties and advertisers.

When you are logged in, some services can track almost everything that you do online.

When you ‘like’, ‘share’ , or even access content, you can be tracked, even if you are not logged in.

If that bothers you, then there are a few simple steps that you can take.

Browser extensions like allow you to visualise the amazing number of sites that are tracking you and block them. (Do Not use on Internet Explorer).

A similar extension called can be used on a smartphone.

Look for the HTTPS:// in the address bar as this indicates that you are on a secure site.

You can install a browser extension called that forces sites to use secure https:// connection.

Do not use the options to use your login from one application to log into another. Keep your logins separate and reduce the tracking links that you make online.

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The Black Caucus – Australia

Hello, and welcome to the Black Caucus–Australia website.

The purpose of the Black Caucus is to be a voice for Black people, by Black people on all topics, both abroad and in Australia.

The Black Caucus is a not for profit organisation designed as a social commentator to speak on political issues, academic debate, and news.

The Black Caucus–Australia is not only limited to the advance of black people in Australia. We comment on how the events around the world will impact on Black people in Australia.

Black Caucus also functions as a ‘think tank’, and as such does not focus on membership, but on the editorial contributions made by our community.

Please check this website for updates that may affect you.

Also please check out our Facebook page for more day to day commentary on issues that not only affect Black people directly, but all culture as a global community.

Find us at Facebook: The Black Caucus or click the link

You can find us on Twitter at @BlackCaucusAus.

Join our professional network and our discussion group on LinkedIn: Black Caucus

You can also email us at

Thank you for joining us. We hope to see more of you in your organisation.

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