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This is a response to comments following the publication of the below article in the

We have made several attempts to respond to them directly, but fortunately we have our own platform.

It amazes us that the shape of women’s bodies is still considered a topic of discussion.

Women should be able to celebrate their bodies regardless of their size, and those people who try to shame them back into the dark should take a look at the family members, friends, and work colleagues that they also seek to repress.

Living healthily is a completely different subject, and not one that should be confused with women celebrating the body shape they are, rather than the body images thrust upon them by the media. has gone to great lengths to show real people in their adverts of all shapes and sizes. This is a trend is being adopted around the world and we should not fall behind.

Bajan women come in all shapes and sizes and we should raise our standards to embrace all body types.

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