Response to the ‘Jail Them’ article in

This letter is a direct response to the article in the BarbadosToday entitled ‘Jail Them’.

We made our attempts to comment directly on the comments section of their article but our comments were rejected.

Fortunately, we have our own voice.

Dear Barbados Today

I am writing in conjunction to your article entitled ‘Jail them’ published in the Barbados Today.

Most of the direct interviews were more about being disgusted with a fuller figured woman, than with the skin exposed.

One interviewee talks about “I saw big women with cellulite on the road. The string was so far up you couldn’t see nothing”

I would like to think that the interviewee would have the same view were the women in the parade been of a smaller frame, but this was discounted in the next sentence

“Yes, you have slender girls with these things [on]. But when you see a full figured woman in this, for me it is disgusting..”

Full figured women should not be made to feel ashamed of their bodies.

Stating that it is acceptable for slender women to where skimpy outfits, but fuller women should cover up is an outrage.

This is nothing short of discrimination to fuller figured women.

The suggestion is that fuller figured women should find other ways of participating in a parade that is designed for everyone, should have is defending the rights of all people.

Kadooment Day and Crop over are celebrations of who we are as a people and this should be all inclusive.

Barbados is made up of different skin tones, shapes and sizes, and to not be tolerant of each others differences, on such a small island, makes us no better than tourists who bring these deplorable attitudes with them when visiting our country.

To suggest that we have a sort of ‘fashion police’ that will arrest those that they consider indecent goes against the spirit of carnival.

If a particular state of undress is unacceptable for one, then it should be unacceptable for all, male, female, larger or small.

The article goes on to talk about applying the law, yet it is against the law to have an open container of alcohol, to be drunk and disorderly, and to play music above a certain decibel, however these laws are put to one side for the collective enjoyment of the people for the exception of these carnivals.

A person, male or female on these exceptional occasions, should be able to celebrate their body within the bounds of the law, and the acceptance of their peers.

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